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How To Apply Perfume Oils?

Posted by Admin on 29th May 2024

How to apply perfume oils to your skin? For optimal results, target pulse points where veins are closest to the skin. Begin with the inner part of your wrists and behind your ears. Allow the natu … read more

What is oud?

Posted by Admin on 29th May 2024

What is Oud?Agarwood most commonly referred to as oud or oudh is a fragrant, dark and resinous wood used in incense and perfume. It forms in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees after … read more

Are oil-based perfumes better?

Posted by Admin on 3rd May 2024

Are oil-based perfumes better?Oil-based perfumes have several benefits over alcohol-based perfumes. Here are some of the benefits of using oil-based perfumes:Longer-lasting fragrance: Oil-based perfum … read more

New Singapore Oud Oil

Posted by Admin on 7th Jul 2023

Experience the captivating allure of "Singapore Oud" and allow its richness, smokiness, and intoxication to transport you to a realm of opulence and indulgence. "Singapore Oud," an opulent fragrance … read more

Royal blue musk tahara

Posted by Admin on 6th Jul 2023

Royal Blue Musk is a fragrance that is a fruity and floral scent that features top notes of blueberries and grapes, with a heart of jasmine and rose. The base of the fragrance is composed of notes of … read more