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Pur oud Roll-on Attar perfume oils (unisex)

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Inspired by the limited edition perfume PUR OUD by Louis Vuitton for women and men.
Inspired by the tradition of layering several fragrances, these intense compositions can be used as a finishing touch to your perfume ritual. Woven from exceptional essences and concentrated to the extreme, they celebrate the raw beauty of legendary ingredients in perfumery.
Pur Oud reveals the quintessence of an extraordinary essence of oud assam, selected in Bangladesh. To exalt this veritable treasure, the Perfume is concentrated to the extreme in a radically minimalist composition: melted into a cocoon of two luminous soft white musks, oud powerfully emanates woody notes of rare depth. Shimmering with animalic, amber and spicy nuances, the 'black gold' of perfumery expresses its absolute beauty.
Key notes:
- Oud Assam
- Musks
Main accords:
- Animal
- Woody
- Oriental
- Smoky
- Earthy
All of our perfume oils our alcohol free, skin safe and High premium quality. 1 x 3ml Will last upto 3 months with regular use and 1 x 12ml will last between 3-6months.


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